Steering and Braking system

The constant need for the repair and maintenance of your equipment’s complete braking system requires a high-quality system that can withstand rigorous conditions. We provide a wide range of steering and braking components in stock for Caterpillar including the following;

Electrical and starting system

CTP Ethiopia Business PLC understands the need for high-quality electrical systems to avoid those infuriating frequent difficulties of having an engine not start or batteries not charging due to a poor-quality starter motor or alternator. We hold a wide range of electrical components in stock for Caterpillar including the following available;

CTP Ethiopia Business PLC

CTP Ethiopia Business PLC is a company that pledged to eradicate the limits of spare parts of heavy machinery in Ethiopia. We use our knowledge of the industry to help our consumers with their innovative solutions and build profitable relationships with suppliers. We believe we were able to build such as reputation and clients profile […]